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29 May 2014

Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI in partnership with Vinnitsa Regional Council conducted two trainings on Performance (Program) budgeting as a tool for good governance and financial transparency in the city of Vinnitsa on 15-16 May, 2014.

10 December 2013

EU and US should threaten Yanukovych regime with freezing bank accounts and banning the government officials from entering EU and US... At the same time president Putin (who is partly or fully responsible for what's going on now in Ukraine) announced the abolition for Green Peace activists and Pussy Riot punk group... Such a cynical manipulation, although it's good that people will be freed...
My sincere thanks go to the German President Joachim Gauck for saving the honor of Western democracies and announcing a boycott of Winter Olympic games in Sochi... Thank you, Mr. President!
Jan Pieklo, PAUCI Director

25 July 2013

On the 9th – 11th of July 2013 the Polish-Ukrainian Co-operation Foundation (PAUCI), with the Association of Young Economists of Georgia (AYEG), and European Property Institute has conducted the training “Increasing professionalism of the housing condominium management” in Kutaisi.

25 July 2013

In July 2013, in frame of the Judicial Independence Project PAUCI organized a study visit to Poland for the 20 Ukrainian law graduates and young journalists active in judicial sphere. Our guests have been selected in an open competition way from the academic circles of Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Symferopol, Donetsk and Lviv. 

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